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        Simons Maison - home fashion


        Peaceful Bubble

        Relax your mind and let your worries go. Here, there is only room for comfort, softness, and tranquillity.

        Kas Australia

        Stunning exotic duvet cover set

        Starting at
        Save 25%

        Flavourful Moments

        Add a pinch of joy to your days spent at home by preparing delicious recipes and filling your kitchen with rich aromas.

        Simons maison exclusive

        Festive eclecticism woven cotton tablecloth

        Starting at

        Spring Cleaning

        They keep you cozy, comfy, and warm every day of the year. Now's the time to give them a refresh!

        In the office, playroom, and bedroom, say hello to the new season with a calm and well-organized environment.

        Our Top Categories

        Easter Sweets

        On this springtime holiday, savour the moment and enjoy homemade treats around a table set with pretty pastel colours.

        Easter Egg Tablecloth Designed In Our Studios Exclusively For Simons Maison
        Easter Bunny Designed In Our Studios Exclusively For Simons Maison

        Our Best Sellers

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