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        Le31 - modern men's fashion

        Look Natural

        Add "rugged" and "casual chic" to your M.O. with our exclusive collection of soft, breathable linen.

        Le 31

        Pure linen hooded T-shirt


        Available exclusively in Canada at Simons

        A bold personality, friendly attitude,
        and timeless look... Surf the infinite
        shades of this Italian brand.

        Shop the collection Shop the collection

        Comfortable Essentials

        Feel good in casual clothing featuring clean lines and comfortable fabrics.

        Le 31 etched stripe pure linen T-shirt for men at Simons

        Our Top Categories

        Our Best Sellers

        Fail-Safe Basics

        The stylish essentials that can do no wrong!

        Le 31

        Coloured pouch-pocket hoodie

        Modern mock-neck sweatshirt at Le 31 for men at Simons

        Innovative Fibres

        Lightweight and breathable, our performance jerseys keep you comfy and dry with the help of Drirelease technology that naturally wicks away moisture from the body.


        Look dapper in pink wearing modern essentials in a range of the season's most popular pastels.

        F.A.M.T. lettering hoodie at Le 31 for men at Simons
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