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        Nothing Wasted,
        Everything Recycled.

        Sustainable style has gained some new recruits! Nylon and plastic are getting a new lease on life as puffers, swim shorts, and jerseys.

        Recycled Fibres

        Today's new watchword: eco-responsibility! Plastic and nylon are being taken and turned into the freshest designs.

        Basics that leave less of a footprint! The clothes by Upcycle focus on recycled fibres and local manufacturing, from start to finish, in the heart of Los Angeles.

        Shop By Material

        Why Choose Natural Products?

        Because they're gentle on your skin and the environment, are an assurance of quality, and get the job done.

        Beyond being the perfect insulated accessory, Hydro Flask bottles inspire us to be more active and eco-friendly.

        The blue Hydro  Flask bottle

        Because bees are essential for our ecosystem to function well, Simons decided to install and maintain beehives on the roofs of its stores in Quebec City, Laval, Mississauga, and as of this spring, Vancouver!

        Bees, the Environment, and Us.

        The beehives on the roof of our Quebec City store
        Bees swarm

        In March of 2018, we inaugurated our store at Galeries de la Capitale. With net-zero energy consumption, solar panels, and geothermal wells in the ground, we modernized this store to the max, a store whose look had previously been a reference to the past. One year later, it continues to produce as much energy as it uses. Our green mission is still in full swing!

        Simons at the Service of Style and the Environment

        The Galerie de la Capitale's Simons store and its solar panels installation
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