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        Shoes - Men's shoes

        By Simons

        If you're looking for avant-garde options or timeless soles, slip on the style and high-quality construction of our exclusive shoes.


        Minimalist leather sneakers

        Save 25%
        Minimalist leather sneakers for Men by Simons

        Today's In-Demand Brands

        Fast Pace

        Act fast! Up to 25% off on a selection of styles, in limited quantities.

        Up to 25% off selected Nike footwear for men at Simons


        Sneak Attack

        All hail the brand's original silhouettes, offbeat colourways, and retro iconography.

        Vans new men's sneakers at Simons

        White Socks

        Roll your jeans up, slip on some sneakers, and let these 90's-inspired socks do their thang!

        Ribbed logo sock 3-pack for men by Vans at Simons

        Our Best Sellers

        For a limited time

        Save up to

        25 %

        *Limited quantities

        Steve Madden Dress Shoes for Men at Simons

        Utility Sandals

        Look a little rugged with genuine leather, a comfy and masculine material you can wear with socks or without.

        Men's Arizona Birko-Flor sandals by Birkenstock at Simons

        The Authentic Padror

        Put on these French, moccasin-like shoes for a personality-driven look marked by quality craftsmanship and signature design.

        New Arrivals

        Your front-row seat to today's top trends

        Our Top Categories

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