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        iFiv5 - on-trend activewear

        Let's Get Moving!

        Stay active and positive with our athletic brands:
        Nike, The North Face, and Columbia.

        Multi-Layer Coats

        One keeps the wind and rain off, the other keeps the heat in. We're in love with this simple but foolproof combo designed to take on spring showers.


        Outdoor raincoat


        In-Demand Brands

        Our Top Categories

        Shop by activity

        Get In Shape

        Goal: Stay Motivated!

        Turn your living space into a place to get your pulse racing with your favourite exercise circuits.


        Need a Sweatshirt? No Sweat!

        When you sport super soft jersey from head to toe, you're setting yourself up for a day well spent with the best in casual-athletic apparel.


        Fresh Air

        It's a proven fact: a little time outside keeps the spirits up. If you like being on the move, soak up some sun while getting your heart rate up!

        New at Simons

        This Canadian brand offers care products made of natural essential oils for putting the body and mind at ease.

        Way of Will | Rituels | Simons

        On-Trend Activewear

        Performance, adventure, adrenaline—welcome to the high-octane world of i.FiV5 for men. Discover our activewear section where we welcome today's top labels as well as our highly competitive private capsule collections.

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