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        Twik - Eclectic, trendy fashion

        Brands on Promo

        Nike, The North Face, and Columbia... three easy ways for athletes to create their casual looks.

        The North Face

        Long-sleeve logo T-shirt

        Save 25%
        Nike, The North Face, Columbia, New Balance in promo at Simons

        Puff Sleeves

        Your wardrobe's written a puff piece about you!
        Throw in a square neckline, and you'll look every bit the boho babe.

        Twik Exclusive

        Square-neck puff-sleeve dress

        Twik Exclusive

        Peasant bustier blouse


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        Feminine Details

        Broderie anglaise, frills, ruffles, and puff sleeves are fabulously featured on your new favourite tops.

        Geo openwork smocked blouse at Simons
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