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        Shoes - Women's shoes

        Let's Get Moving!

        Stay active and positive with our athletic brands: Nike, The North Face, and New Balance.


        Air Max 90 sneakers

        Save 30%
        Nike, The North Face, New Balance in promo at Simons

        Soles With Soul

        Highlight the boho-chic of these rope soles by pairing them with a long dress or your favourite jean.


        Jute platform sandals

        Jute platform sandals for women by Simons

        For a limited time

        Save up to

        25 %

        *Limited quantities

        Our Best Sellers


        Checkerboard Slip-Ons

        Clad in its classic black-and-white checkers or a super cool hue, it's the undeniable go-to for casual excursions.

        Checkerboard slip-on for women by Vans at Simons

        The Brands We Love

        A centennial brand and the bona fide mascot of urban wear.

        The German company behind the celebrated comfort sandal.

        An American brand whose shoes are perfect for playing in the waves.

        Casual Sandals

        Velcro utility straps are exceptional additions to today's chic, feminine ensembles.

        Casual sandals for women by Teva at Simons

        Kitten-Heel Mules

        Dressing chic or casual? These short, stiletto-heeled sandals are here for you, no matter the occasion.

        The Strappy Stiletto

        Sandals that tie around the ankle, inspired by the bold and seductive style made famous in the '90s.

        Outright Raffia

        Characterize your looks from the ground up with these minimalist slides made of braided raffia.

        Everlasting Loafers

        This classic, chic shoe deserves a special place in everyone's professional wardrobe.

        New In

        Dr. Martens

        New Shoes

        Your front-row seat to today's top trends

        New shoes for women at Simons
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